Btrfs Snapshots

2021-03-29 | #btrfs #system

Btrfs snapshots allow you to create efficient backups of your filesystem. We’ll explore some of the basics of Btrfs snapshots and their practical applications. Snapshot feature of Btrfs uses the Copy-on-Write (CoW) strategy.

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Raft Consensus

2019-09-11 | #distributed-systems

A shorter version of the official Raft whitepaper. Introduction Crash Fault Tolerant (CFT) algorithm for replicated state machines. Raft primary goal is understandability. Novel features: Strong leadership: log entries only flow from the leader to other nodes.

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Linear Algebra Foundations

2019-02-14 | #linear-algebra #mathematics

A concise summary of the core concepts in linear algebra. In the attached document I cover fundamental topics such as vectors, matrices, systems of linear equations, and transformations. Understanding these concepts is essential for tackling a wide range of mathematical and real-world problems.

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Breaking Enigma

2018-11-07 | #cryptography #history

During World War II, the Enigma machine presented a formidable challenge to the Allied forces as they struggled to decipher encrypted German messages. However, a team of brilliant codebreakers, including Alan Turing, at Britain’s Bletchley Park successfully cracked Enigma’s codes, turning the tide of the war.

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