G2DLP Algorithm Analysis

2016-01-27 | #algorithms #cryptography

We discuss an algorithm to generate efficiently all the paths of a two-dimensional lattice with a given number of turns. The algorithm was first proposed by Ting Kuo, associate professor of the University of Technology and Science in Takming (Taiwan), and in this paper we will go further with an in depth complexity analysis, implementation and experimental results.

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Regular Expressions Essentials

2016-01-16 | #regex

A regular expression is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Each character in a regular expression is understood to be: a metacharacter or a regular character. Pattern-matches can vary from a precise equality to a very general similarity (controlled by the metacharacters).

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Cyclic Redundancy Check

2015-08-25 | #cryptography

In error detection algorithms the core business is to maximize the probability of detecting errors minimizing the number of redundant information. CRCs are so called because the check value is a redundancy (it expands the message without adding information) and the algorithm is based on cyclic codes.

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Object-Oriented Programming in C

2015-03-22 | #programming

In this exploration, we delve into the realms of object-oriented programming (OOP) through an unconventional lens: employing the standard C programming language. Traditionally, C is perceived as a procedural language, lacking the built-in features that support OOP directly.

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1970-01-01 | #bookmarks #miscellanea

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