D   A   T   A   W   O   K


CRY is C library written for cryptographic and numeric applications. Provides arbitrary precision integers and elliptic curve arithmetic. AES, DES, RSA, DSA, ECDSA, Diffie Hellman and ECDH key exchange algorithms.

CRY @ gitlab
CRY @ github


A simple "Unix-like" x86 kernel trying to be POSIX compliant. Currently, the project does not have any long term mighty ambition, it just want to be a good learning tool for operating systems and low level programming topics. A future "on-the-field" usage, especially when ARM port will be ready, is not excluded.

BeeOS @ github


TSM is C library maily used for smart-metering applications implementing a fairly good collection of open standard communication protocols such as: DLMS/COSEM, MBus, SML, Modbus, ICCP, TLS, GBCS.