D   A   T   A   W   O   K


A blockchain framework built in Rust. The project has been developed from scratch with focus on simplicity, extensibility, security and performance. Flexible consensus mechanism, wasm smart contracts sandboxed execution, fast persistent storage using RocksDb.

TRINCI project website


A small, comprehensive and portable cryptographic ANSI C library. Provides a good collection of cryptographic primitives, multiple precision integers and elliptic curve arithmetic.

CRY @ gitlab
CRY @ github


A simple "Unix-like" x86 kernel trying to be POSIX compliant. The project does not have any long term mighty ambition and is not under active development anymore. It just wants to be a good learning tool for operating systems and low level programming topics.

BeeOS @ github


A fairly complex C library maily used for IoT and SCADA applications implementing a collection of open standard communication protocols such as: DNP3, DLMS/COSEM, MBus, SML, Modbus, ICCP, TLS.

TSM project website

proudly self-hosted on a cheap Raspberry Pi 2