D   A   T   A   W   O   K

Creation: December 18 2022
Modified: January 11 2023

Debian Machine Setup

Noteworthy packages I use for my personal setup

System Tools Core

System Tools Aux

Desktop Core

Desktop Aux

Custom Packages


Not packaged:

Development Aux

Not packaged:

Containers and Virtualization

Libs required for FFI Rust



Custom packages:

Not packaged:

Power management

Additional Notes


Polkit required by virt-manager if the user is not in the libvirt group.

  1. start virt-manager
  2. start polkit agent: pkttyagent --process $(pgrep virt-manager)

Gnome Keyring

Some applications (e.g. element, proton-agent, etc) stores they credential using the Gnome keyring. Follow that we need to install gnome-keyring package.

By default the keyring prompts for password as soon as an application using it requires to unlock the keyring.

We can unlock the keyring on login using the same login credential by adding a couple of pam_gnome_keyring.so entries in the /etc/pam.d/login file.

Refer to the 3.1 PAM step in the Arch linux GNOME keyring docs [here](https:// wiki.archlinux.org/title/GNOME/Keyring).

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