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Creation: August 27 2020
Modified: December 22 2022


To start or stop virtual machines on head-less server you have to use the virsh CLI, an interface to libvirt in charge of managing the running qemu-kvm instances.



Check which virtual machines are available:

$ virsh list --all
 Id   Name       State
 -    deb10      shut off
 -    win10      shut off

If the virtual machine you want to start is using networking (and you've not already done this step) you have to first start networking,

Check the virtual networks list:

$ virsh net-list --all
 Name      State      Autostart   Persistent
 default   inactive   no          yes

Start the network "default":

$ virsh net-start default

Start the virtual machine of choice:

$ virsh start deb10

Connect to the virtual machine

$ virt-viewer deb10


Shutdown the virtual machine

$ virsh stop deb10

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