D   A   T   A   W   O   K

Creation: March 10 2020
Modified: July 28 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown Diary

What follows is a personal diary of the events related to the COVID-19 lockdown period in Italy from 10 March 2020 to ...


10 Mar 2020 - Day 1

Any form of gathering is prohibited and most activities are closed. Italy has finally stopped. Strict government measures were needed. The measures, although far from the Wuhan draconian measures, when violated you risk a fine and up to 3 months in prison. There are a lot of ambiguities about the interpretation and applicability of the current normatives. I started working from home. The contagion count in Italy rises to 10,000. In the world 114,000.

11 Mar 2020 - Day 2

Smart working is going great. I always desired it but now that it has become reality, sometimes I miss a chat with colleagues. Loneliness pushes me to work tirelessly and it is only the headache that reminds me of a small break. The contagion situation does not improve and even the most skeptical ones accept the facts. Rumors say a medical team will come from china to provide assistance. 12,000 infected in Italy. WHO declared PANDEMIA.

12 Mar 2020 - Day 3

This morning I woke up early to go for a run. A breath of fresh air. After only 100 meters from a passing car I hear myself shouting: "you piece of shit". Maybe is better to go back home. In fact, yesterday evening, the government has issued very strict measures. All activities are closed except for those selling basic goods. It is strongly recommended to not leave the house except for mandatory issues. As expected, what follows is the assault on supermarkets. 15,000 infections in Italy. 127,000 in the world.

13 Mar 2020 - Day 4

I'm was working when I see a shape outside the window. It's the postman. I rush out, in my pajamas, for the fear that he goes away. Yes, because what is being brought to me is something very precious and rare these days. He's carring two FFP3 face masks directly from China. A very important accessory if you want to be safe while you go shopping. Today I am a little worried about my father. He's not really a kid and works in the public, in a bank. 17600 infections in Italy, 137000 in the world.

14 Mar 2020 - Day 5

Waiting for the peak. Forecasts, based on Chinese experience, say it will arrive in 15 days. Chinese doctors, observing our situation, say that we are not careful enough. There are still those who leave from north to south. Today, like yesterday, other flash mobs have been organized. People meets together from their house's balcony to sing together. In my city, Lettieri's company manufactures and distributes, for free, face masks for the citizens. In Italy 21150 infections, 155000 in the world.

15 Mar 2020 - Day 6

#andràtuttobene is the hashtag of the day. The optimism on social media is strong and funny videos follow one another. Meanwhile, among the infected, more and more "well known" names are emerging, the virus does not look at your bank account. The declared mortality rate is 2%, but to date 1900 healed and 1400 deaths have been recorded in Italy. The prophetic words of Bill Gates from 2015 are scary: "a virus will kill millions of people, not a bomb". 24,000 infections in Italy.

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