D   A   T   A   W   O   K

Creation: March 10 2020
Modified: April 10 2020

COVID19 Lockdown Diary

Day 1

Any form of gathering is prohibited and most activities are closed. Italy has finally stopped. Strict government measures were needed. The measures, although far from draconian measures from the Wuhan model, if violated provide for sanctions and up to 3 months in prison. Some ambiguities about interpretation and applicability. Finally telecommuting. The contagion count in Italy rises to 10,000. In the world 114,000.

Day 2

Smart working is going great. Always desired, but now that it has become reality ... basically I miss a chat with colleagues. Loneliness pushes me to work tirelessly and it is only the headache that reminds me of a small break. The contagion situation does not improve and even the most skeptical accept the facts. There is talk of the arrival of a medical task force from China to help. 12,000 infected in Italy. WHO declared PANDEMIA.

Day 3

This morning wake up early to go for a run. A breath of air. After only 100 meters from a passing car I hear myself shouting: "MERDAAA". I go home. In fact, the government passed very strict measures yesterday evening. ALL activities closed except for general necessity shops. STRONGLY not recommended to leave the house except for mandatory issues. Assaults on supermarkets. 15,000 infections in Italy. 127,000 in the world.