D   A   T   A   W   O   K

Creation: March 02 2019
Modified: February 05 2022

Distributed and Real Time Cyber-Physical Systems

A glimpse to the world of Cyber Physical Systems that nowadays are changing the world as we know.

From the isolated Monolithic Systems to the conception of System of Systems that are able to interact with the surrounding physical world.

Interfaces between distributed systems and Emergent behaviors of distributed systems of systems.

Time and Clock considerations and the need of a global timebase for distributed coordination.

Failures and Failure Detection.

Distributed Consensus issue and possible solutions in asynchronous systems.

Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Bizantine Fault Tolerance in the Blockchain.

Introduction to Real Time Systems.

The document was deeply inspired by the work of Prof. Andrea Bondavalli, Full Professor at DSI and Head of Resilient Computing Lab Group.



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